Fish Park

Year 2019
Runtime 1 hour 46 mins
Directed by 
Chai Xiaoyu
Screenplay by Chai Xioayu
Cast Li Boguang, Li Haifeng, Ma Yifu
In Mandarin with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles

Date Wednesday 13 May 2020
Time* 6:30pm-8:16pm
Venue Event Cinemas George Street

* Screening starts on time. There will be no commercial trailers before the film. 


In his fresh debut feature, first-timer director Chai Xiaoyu shows his ability to create humor even if he is dealing with the banality of everyday life.

FISH PARK follows the lives of three listless drifters living between hutongs (alleyways) and half-demolished houses in Beijing.

Working for his uncle in a demolition team, the protagonist Xiaoyu lives a simple life and has his own routine. When an old-time friend comes with his girlfriend and they share Xiaoyu’s apartment, Xiaoyu is forced to reexamine his personal relationship, not only with friends, lovers, but with relatives, acquaintances and even the complicated society as a whole.

Dubbed as the dark horse of Chinese cinema, debut feature filmmaker Chai Xiaoyu captures humor in the banalities of everyday life in this charming low-budget mumblecore film. 

Spirit of Freedom Award Winner — First International Film Festival 2019
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